Creation The Ancient and Venerable Order of the Knights of St. Andrew, Toledo Chapter was formed in 2008 through the establishment of a Constitution and a set of Bylaws approved, chartered and authorized by the: Deputy of the State of Ohio and Board of Trustees - Valley of Toledo, to which this Chapter owes its fealty and allegiance. Vision (to which aspire…) Behave in accordance with the Constitution and ByLaws herein, Plan & Hold regular Stated and Special Meetings , Recruit & Retain Members for the Valley/Chapter, Create and Host Charitable and Outreach Events each year, and Travel to other Valleys on occasion to maintain harmony and fellowship among other Chapters, Valleys, and Symbolic Lodges. Mission (to attain the Vision….) The purpose of the Chapter is to support the activities and goals of the Valley: attract and assimilate new members; encourage the activities of existing "rank & file" members; serve with dignity, and honor as the public face of the Valley; promote the understanding of the tradition, ritual, symbolism, and philosophy of the Rite and Freemasonry in general; serve as a personal and fraternal connection between the individual member of the Valley: perform ritual work, especially the namesake 29thDegree; attend and work at Valley Reunions; and perform other duties as may benefit the Valley, the Rite and Freemasonry in general 
Knights of Saint Andrew
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